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Effective management of quality and food safety requires competences throughout and in every corner of the organization. As a matter of course, we possess and develop the expert knowledge needed within the quality organization to support our production with hazard analysis, product understanding, product testing and the release of finished products.

But the most important aspect is to ensure that everyone at Mille Food has an in-depth understanding and awareness of the critical elements within quality and food safety that they directly impact. That is why we make sure to hire the right competences; we ensure a strong on-boarding program and we continuously work with competence development and having the right quality and food safety culture in the company.


Quality is as such a very simple thing - quality is to fulfil customer requirements. The challenging part here is to fully understand the customer requirements and then define all our processes and activities to ensure we fulfil these requirements.

For our products, this means that we need to produce products that have a superior nutritious profile and that we deliver this consistently. It also means that we control the classic food safety risks of foreign objects and microbiological contamination through effective processes, systems and competent people. It also means that we supply products in high quality packaging providing optimal protection and shelf life.

The performance level is another important issue. We believe in zero defects and with the sensitive customers we serve – infants and children – we cannot go for anything less.