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Innovation enables Mille Food to continuously develop healthy and nutritious products

Welcome to Mille Food Research & Innovation!

Mille Food’s research organisation builds on the historically structured innovation culture strongly routed in Danish business traditions, combined with the agile and fast-paced VUCA innovation environments in China. Combining innovation cultures from East and West we grow strong and deliver both research and product innovations for today’s and tomorrow’s markets.

Mille Food’s research and partnerships play an important role in delivering safe, high quality, nutritious products for future generations. We apply research, insights and trends for long term value creation seeing an dynamic growth of Mille with regard to our competences, solutions and market share.

We strive to implement the latest knowledge in our product innovations and collaborate with world-leading and global institutions. Continuously, we expand Mille Food’s research pipeline, driven by our strong interest in latest nutritional research, advances within ingredients and technological innovations.

- the Research & Innovation team

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The dietary is on of the most important factors in an early life.
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