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Network and partners

Mille Food recognises the importance of open and broad collaboration in the food sector. Innovation for global solutions and fulfilment of Sustainable Development Goals is only achievable by joined efforts.

 Mille Food is a member of the Danish Agriculture and Food Council and a member of the Danish Food Cluster and contributes actively to the Danish innovation scene. We support the Danish Dairy Research Foundation as we promote the ideas and the strong roots of Danish dairy research to be even further strengthened.

 Building on today’s scientific methods and growing knowledge, we understand more and more of the nature and importance of breastfeeding and the components that are comprised in breastmilk. We are collaborating with highly recognized universities and research partners. With this, we aim to constantly improve the composition of our products and get a deeper understanding of the insight into nutrition in early life.

 We seek to initiate new research in collaboration with Danish governmental foundations and support job creation for young promising researchers. Mille Food hence works for creating long-term research partnerships. Currently, we have ongoing research projects in collaboration with Danish and Chinese recognised universities and research institutions. Moreover, Mille Food’s research teams are keen to continuously establish new bonds to potential partners specializing in our research areas of interest. We welcome any potential bodies with ideas for future partnerships and projects to reach out to Mille Food’s research and innovation at