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Research infrastructure

At Mille Food we highly acknowledge breastfeeding as the golden standard for infants in providing them with the first oral diet for optimal growth and development in early life. Breastfeeding have several bioactive capacities with beneficial effects that goes beyond fulfilling simple requirements for macro- and micronutrients. Herein, breastfeeding supports gut maturation and immune development along with cognitive functions and prevention of illness later in life. Nevertheless, breastfeeding may not always be available to the newborn infant and infant formula is given.

In Mille Food R&D we strive to develop infant formulas and supplements with focus on the specific needs of infants. Moreover, proper care and control are required for making extraordinary high-quality products.

We believe that research is indispensable for the development of infant formulas and supplements of the highest quality with assurance of continued high standards and optimization of composition of the infant formula and supplementary products. With this, Mille Food’s infant formulas and supplements are developed to provide appropriate nutritional support for optimal growth and development for infants and children, for whom breastfeeding is not an option. It is impossible to mimic maternal milk, but huge efforts are made to make infant formulas that provide a good basis for continuous growth and development. To achieve this, for instance, we focus on important components and capacities of breastmilk.

Building on today’s scientific methods and growing knowledge, we understand more and more of the nature and importance of the breastfeeding situation and the components that are comprised in breastmilk. With the aim to constantly improve the composition of our infant formulas and get a deeper understanding of the insight into nutrition in early life, we are collaborating with highly recognized universities such as University of Copenhagen, Denmark and Wuhan University in China.

Our R&D team is composed by skilled persons with different backgrounds in health and technical expertise with competences in the fields of gut maturation and early life nutrition, food science, molecular and functional properties of ingredients as well as general food processing.